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Meghan McCall

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Think “Around” the Box

Next time you have a moment to focus on your breathing think of a box.  Each side of the box is going to represent something different.  Side 1: breathe in 4 counts, side 2: hold 4 counts, side 3: breathe out 4 counts, and lastly, side 4: hold 4 counts.

Now, let’s do it together…

Thank yourself!  You’ve just started yourself on the road toward better sleep, improved heart health, improved mental clarity, reduced anxiety and depression, and enhanced cognitive function.  Box breathing can also help lower your heart rate, blood pressure, breaths per minute, and even lower the stress chemicals in your body.  

In short, you could be adding years on to your life and keeping yourself from having your doctor on speed dial.  All for free and ready anytime you are.  Take a deep breath and just relax (well, hold it for 4 counts and then exhale and relax).

One of my favorite books on breathing is called, “Breath” by James Nestor. It’s not only incredibly informative, but also a very enjoyable read!

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