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How do I eat more fruits and vegetables, eat more protein, exercise more and sleep better?  Although this prescription seems very straightforward, the execution is not.  

The four golden rules are laid out as clear as can be but the problem is that most of us feel as though we have to attack them all at once.  Even when we do, it rarely lasts.  

So, what is the solution?  

Like any big task, such as making healthier choices in our lives, the big task is made up of many smaller more “bitesize” tasks.  Let’s take eating more fruits and vegetables.  Although the goal may be to be eating kale, spinach and beets every day, that could be a tall order for someone who is only used to potatoes in a mashed or french fry form.  

Fruits can be a great way to get you moving through the produce aisles more frequently at the grocery store.  Start with a high fiber choice like an apple.  It’s portable and also delicious with cheese or peanut butter (two things you may already have in your diet).  From there you can experiment with different fruits over the next few weeks.  

Once you’ve established a better routine with eating fruit, move on to the vegetables.  Carrots are a great choice after trying different fruits because they are a sweeter vegetable.  From there you can move on to peppers, and then on to cucumbers and so on until you arrive at your original goal of the leafy greens.  

All in all, it may have taken you 2-3 months to get there, BUT many people put off eating right for years and years.  Taking a bitesize approach could get you there in as short as a quarter of a year, and with very little discomfort to you.  

Bitesize strategy allows you to move through change at a comfortable pace, which often translates to permanent change.

Go ahead, take your first bite.

Taking it further.

Learn more about Nutrition Coaching. Or maybe you are just looking for more details on the power of plants and vegetables? Check out one of my favorite books, “Eating on the Wild Side” by Jo Robinson to get motivated to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your day. 

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