Meghan McCall | Vocal & Nutrition Coach

Meghan McCall | Vocal & Nutrition Coach

20% Off Summer Sale

Vocal Training to Improve Clarity, Projection, and Confidence

20% Off summer sale

Vocal Training to Improve Clarity, Projection, and Confidence

Voice Lessons

I am a 2x Grammy award-winning Voice and Nutrition Coach.

Utilizing my background, I am able to get my clients immediate results through online virtual lessons.

Choose from:

  • 15-minute lesson
  • 30-minute lesson
  • 45-minute lesson
  • 60-minute lesson

Public Speaking

Personalized sessions to help speakers with online and in-person presentations.

• Online Virtual Lessons
• Ages +8, Any Level
• Projection / Breath Control
• Linguistic Acuity, Accents & Diction
• Dramatic Impulse
• Confidence & Body Language

Audition Prep

Preparing for auditions through vocal warm-ups, pre-event nutrition, and breathing techniques.

• Online Virtual Lessons
• Ages +8, Any Level, Any Genre
• Slating
• Repertoire Selection
• Stage Presence


Practice vocal technique through scales, sirens, lip trills and more!

Remove the mystery from how to make comfortable and beautiful sound by training your body into good, healthy singing habits while singing your favorite repertoire.

• Online Virtual Lessons
• Ages +8, Any Level, Any Genre
• Vocal & Acting Technique
• Breathing / Posture
• Music Theory


Improve your delivery, believability and confidence to enhance your power on stage.

• Online Virtual Lessons
• Ages +8, Any Level, Any Genre
• Mapping out subtext
• Character development
• Projection / Breath control
• Memorization Techniques
• Cold reads

15 minute, 30 minute, 45 minute, 60 minute 1 hour pricing with Summer sale 20% off.

Vocal Coaching

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Vocal Clients

Vocal Clients

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Learn more about Vocal Coaching with Meghan McCall

In our online lessons, you can expect a professional and supportive environment. I will help you improve your vocal technique, range, and performance. We will work together to identify your goals and develop a personalized plan to achieve them.

Watch Video: What to Expect in Your First Lesson

For weekly clients, I send an end-of-year review detailing and outlining vocal highlights from the year, including best techniques, exercises, and practices that worked specifically well for your voice.

Lessons are tailored to your needs, available in 15, 30, 45, or 60-minute sessions. They’re conveniently conducted remotely via FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Zoom, ensuring you can learn from the comfort of your own space.

To schedule your first lesson, please complete a Client Profile.

Must send payment at least 24 hours ahead of first lesson to reserve spot.

Contact directly for more details/pricing:

  • Recording evaluations
  • Artist resume & reel consulting/editing

Payment for lessons is invoiced weekly via Venmo or Zelle. There are no additional taxes or fees beyond lesson rates shown.

Consistency is key – however life happens!

A 24-hour notice (via email or text) is required for cancellations. Lessons that are not cancelled with a 24-hour notice will still be billed.

Yes, if you cancel before 24-hours prior to the lesson time, you can reschedule within 30 days.

Just yourself and reliable Wifi service!

To help maximize your learning experience, the following tools are optional:

  • Quiet space without distractions
  • Headphones
  • Water (stay hydrated!)
  • Notebook and pencil
  • Sheet music (for singers)
  • Karaoke tracks (for singers). A separate device will be needed in order to maintain sound quality during lesson.
  • Method books (for singers)

Vocal lessons are not just for Singers. A Vocal Coach can be extremely effective for those careers that rely on their voice daily, whether in front of groups or for one-on-one situations.

Examples of clients I work with include: (Watch Video)

• Public Speakers
• Educators & Coaches
• Doctors
• On Stage and Film performers
• Students preparing for an Audition
• Worship Leaders
• News Anchors
• and Executives

My goal is to help each individual find more confidence and clarity in their voice. Contact me to schedule an initial session to see if Vocal Coaching is right for you!

Email is best way to reach me:

I do! To help support you on your vocal journey I offer articles and videos on my website.

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