Filmed in September 2016, directed by J. Melville.

Filmed in June 2016, directed by J. Melville.

Voice over for The Winery at Olney

Bel Cantanti Opera 2014-2015 season with Meghan McCall, Francois Loup and Andrew Hann in Bach’s Kaffeekantate.

“The Coffee Cantata”, is actually more a mini comic opera, but is classified as a secular cantata. It tells the story of Schlendrian, whose daughter Lieschen is addicted to coffee. He eventually forbids her to marry unless she gives up coffee, but as he is out searching for a husband for her, she tells her suitors that she will only marry them if they allow her to drink coffee!

In an effort to rid his daughter of the evil drink, he progressively forbids her her luxuries. Lieschen refuses to give it up, saying that coffee is “more delicious than a thousand kisses, and sweeter than muscatel wine”. It is only when Schlendrian refuses to allow her to marry that she relents. But even then, as the father goes off to find a husband, Lieschen reveals that she will make it a part of the marriage contract that she be allowed her three cups a day.

2015 Don Giovanni in the role of Zerlina.